Montana’s Taking People’s Medicine!

If you had depression and were taking medication for it, what would you do if one day your medication had been made illegal? You would be pissed! Or in this case, extremely sad. Well this is exactly what is happening to Medical Marijuana patients in the state of Montana. On February 4th, members of Montana House Human Services Committee voted to pass House Bill 161 (which can be seen here ).

Their reasoning? They are claiming that since the law passed legalizing medical marijuana, teen drug use and traffic fatalities have both increased. Yet as they point out on NORML blog, this is not true. In 2008, the number of fatal traffic accidents was 221, while in the two years before the law had passed they were both in the 260’s. That’s one of their excuses out of the way. If anything marijuana has calmed down these people and stopped them from driving so recklessly! (That does not mean it’s a good idea to drive while being medicated!) Now the issue about teen drug use is a little unclear to me. Here ( )  I have records showing that marijuana use in the state of Montana has gone down by almost thirty percent! So let me get this straight, did a bunch of adults decide to stop using and donate their stash to their teenage kids? It seems highly unlikely to me that with a 30% drop of usage, there is an increase among some. This could be true though, there is a slight chance, but it is really worth depriving patients of their medicine because some teenagers are experimenting with marijuana and sitting on their couches playing video games for hours? (that’s my guess for what most likely happens, knowledge obtained from experience)

Just think about all the pharmaceutical drugs out there that kids are experimenting with that are still being prescribed to patients everyday. How much damage these drugs actually do to people, unlike marijuana. It is not just to take this right of the people of Montana away from them. If this sort of thing happened in, just for an example, California, there would be riots!

This truly doesn’t even affect me personally, not living in Montana and all, but it’s just one step further away from ever living in a place where marijuana isn’t looked upon as just a drug, but part of a lifestyle.



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