Buds, Hash, Treats, Oh My!

Someone who hasn’t been exposed to the world of medicinal marijuana may not know the copious varieties of forms THC can be found. Everyone thinks that someone with a prescription for medical marijuana goes to the cannabis dispensaries and simply buys some marijuana to smoke. Marijuana is only one of the smoking alternatives to getting medicated, along with keef, hash and hash oils. There are also a few non-smoking alternatives, such as edibles and THC pills. So when a patient walks into a dispensary, it’s pretty much like a kid in a candy store. Here is a menu to a local cannabis dispensary.

For people who prefer to inhale their medicine, one can choose from may different strains of marijuana, different plants which lead to different “highs” and have different flavors and fragrance. Indica plants, which tend to be a more purplish color, tend to lead to a more of a stoney high, which would lead to what people like to call couch lock. Sativa plants, which are greener than the indicas, give you more of a head changing high, but your body won’t have to be sacrificed at all. Some of these buds may smell sweet and some might even smell like urine, and depending on the patients preference, they can choose whatever strain suits them best. But what if this marijuana isn’t strong enough a high for you? Have no fear, hash is here.

Hashish tends to have a higher amount of THC than marijuana, so users with higher tolerances usually prefer it. Made from the resinous material from the plants leaves and stems, hash can be made in a few different ways. There is flat screening, where the leaves and plant matter is placed over a mesh or thin screen, which one shakes to let the trichomes from the plant, which hold the THC, through the screen yet blocking all the plant matter. This is one of the easiest ways, but more likely to have plant matter in the finished product. People also used Drum Machines, which look like the inside of a dryer and spins around until the plant matter gets caught on the sides in screens, working just like flat screening except electrically powered. Next, there is bubble hash (a few topics down). The term bubble hash comes from being so pure, that when you smoke it out of a pipe you can actually see it bubble up from the flame. This way of making hash usually requires the usage of Bubble Bag kits or something called an Ice-o-later, which is a filtration device. With this method, the plant matter is placed in huge buckets with ice and water which is then blended for almost an hour. keeping the water cold, now you must pour the mixture into one of the Bubble Bags over another bucket which will filter trichomes through and leaving a green water in the bucket. After many filters, a brownish sludge will soon develop on the bottom of the bags and this is what you scrape off and let dry for many hours. A hash this way can have a THC content anywhere from 30%-75%, all depending on how well it was made. And now you have your homemade Bubble Hash!

Now we know of different forms of THC that can be inhaled, but what if a patient doesn’t like smoking at all? No problem. They can choose from many different edibles all made with Cannabutter (THC infused butter) or sometimes even hash oils. Anything can be made into a Marijuana edible. Most people think of cookies or brownies, but it doesn’t stop there. There are cakes, candies, drinks, and pretty much anything else you can think of. These edibles usually come in sweeter types of food, more like a quick treat or dessert. One can also buy the THC infused butter, and add it to anything they want! Making any meal a nice way to get medicated. Edibles come in different doses too, ranging from one dosage, about .5 grams of Marijuana, to a ten dosage, which could contain over an eighth of an ounce, or 3.5 grams, of marijuana. So depending on how medicated one wants to be and how high their tolerance is, they have quite the variety to choose from. Another way of ingestion is through a THC pill, which is an easy to swallow gel capsule filled with a high potency THC gel. This is preferred by users who want a quick easy way to take medicine.

So as you can see it doesn’t stop at just marijuana. With varieties like this, patients can choose whatever their hearts desire. And with new technology along with more and more awareness, who knows how people will be ingesting their medicine in the near future.

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2 Responses to Buds, Hash, Treats, Oh My!

  1. mmoran99 says:

    Like the post! Definitely a lot of good info in here. It’s important people know the difference. Keep it up!

  2. sassyflash says:

    I would just like to say, LOVE YOUR TITLE. Pretty much loved all of the knowledge I gained here without feeling like im talking to some kind of expert and feeling overwhelmed. I think it is really important to know the differences and various benefits of each. Such a beneficial post!

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