What’s your utensil of choice?

Nowadays, when someone wants to medicate themselves they have options. I’m not talking about the different kinds of medicines like hash and buds how I have before, I’m taking about the different ways of simply smoking. It varies from rolling up some Marijuana, to dabbing hash oils on a sizzling hot plate (which I must say is the coolest).

If a patient ever found themselves in the situation of not having anything to smoke out of, they could simply go to the local liquor store or smokeshop, even grocery stores and pick up some sort of rolling papers. A common way of smoking while in groups is in the form of Joints and Blunts. The most common rolling papers, Zig-zags, were first created for rolling cigarettes, but the idea was easily adapted for Marijuana. These rolling papers vary in size and length to thickness and flavor, pleasing all preferences. If one prefers some tobacco with their Marijuana, they might want to choose a blunt rap instead of rolling papers. A blunt wrap is simply the tobacco leaves rolled around a cigar, which is split and gutted of the tobacco and filled with Marijuana. Now they make just the wrap, so the gutting of the tobacco is not needed, but true blunt smokers know that it’s all about the Swisher and White Owl cigars. These are much harsher though, and much unhealthier due to the tobacco.

Lots of times rolling up medicine is too much of a hassle for patients, and lots prefer a healthier choice. That’s why many users prefer pipes and water pipes, commonly known as bongs. Wood, metal or glass blown, pipes vary in shape, size, and color. Most people prefer the hand blown glass pipes even though they tend to be a little more pricey. They have their advantages and disadvantages, but what I think is the coolest part is it all depends on the user. You can choose whatever your heart desires. If you want a cool artsy piece or a reasonably priced piece, you have the options.

If pipes aren’t your thing, maybe a little too harsh on the throat and lungs, you can invest in a water pipe, or bong. Just like pipes, you can find cheap and expensive bongs, because they vary from acrylic to glass, glass being more expensive of course. Bongs usually have three main parts; the bowl piece, the down stem, and body or the actual bong itself. For higher quality hand blown glass on glass bongs- where all three parts are glass- the set up can take a little more caution. The bong is filled with water for the smoke to be filtered through at the base and the down stem slides down into the water through a spout. The bowl where the Marijuana is packed slides into the down stem, and with a well blown piece, all three parts should be air-tight. But it doesn’t stop there, there are tons of attachments and variations to the bong itself. Ice catchers to cool your smoke, percolators to filter the smoke more, and ash catchers to keep your bong a lot cleaner, you can decide how you want to create your piece. Some people prefer the cleanest hit possible, and that’s where I recommend a hash bell attachment with a titanium hot plate.

These hash bells are used for hash oil concentrates only, and they slide right into a down stem like a bowl would. It is called a hash bell because of its looks, a bell that hangs over a titanium hot plate, or skillet, which can move to the side when it needs to be heated up. To use one of these, one must first have a little propane or butane torch. Using the torch, you heat up the plate until it turns completely red and you turn it until its under the bell. Take a little dab depending on how big of a hit you want on a metal utensil and you place it on the titanium hash plate and inhale through the bong, just like a regular hit. This may sound like somewhat of a hassle to get your medicine, why waste your time? Because it’s healthy, and in the long run, saves you money. Without lighting it directly with a lighter and inhaling butane, it is only using heat. PLus, the potency of the hash oils is so much higher than Marijuana, it will take the average smoker one or two hits to feel fully medicated.

You never knew there were so many options when it came to smoking Marijuana. With knew technology and innovative thinkers, who knows how people will be medicating themselves in the next 20 years. Healthier, more efficient ways are still to come, too, it’s only going to get better.

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1 Response to What’s your utensil of choice?

  1. grandaddymo says:

    I have hit hash oil and that stuff is gnarly and sketch. You make a good point in that the potency is much higher than in the Marijuana itself and you save money in the long run but it is essentially like free-basing dro which has to be worse for you. I myself am a RooR man and only roll the stickiest gren, really informative post.

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