Let’s Legalize.

The Medical Marijuana system is amazing, helping patients cope with the daily symptoms of their illnesses. With out it, these patients would all have to face the fact that what is helping them could also put them in jail, if caught with it, and most likely still wouldn’t stop the users from partaking in the use of Marijuana since it is so beneficial to them. This is one of the reasons why many doctors make it rather easy to obtain a Medical Cannabis card, at least have these people be legitimate under the law. This reason, along with many others, make me contemplate the issue; should California keep the Medical Marijuana system and laws we already have, or should Marijuana be completely legal?

In November of 2009, Fox news investigated how difficult it is to become a Medical Marijuana patient. The video shows how they simply have a reporter find a doctor who gives out recommendations for Medical Marijuana and go get a card. With no medical documents or history of any illness, the reporter went in and got his card with no problems, simply claiming anxiety and sleepless nights (anxiety and insomnia being two of the main illnesses for Medical Marijuana use). It shows it is easy to get a recommendation, but there’s reasoning behind it. The doctor points out himself, “It’s ridiculous to have physicians examine patients for medicines safer than table salt.” If these people are going to be using Marijuana anyways, why not have them be safe under the law? With Medical Marijuana, it makes it a lot more safe and peaceful to obtain your medicine. But if anyone can go and obtain this card at anytime, why not make Marijuana completely legal? Save the time of the patients and the doctors. These are good citizens trying to not cause any trouble with the law and just because they benefit from the effects of Marijuana they are either a criminal or have to be a patient. And another thing to point out is that video was made in 2009. If anything, it has gotten way easier to obtain a recommendation within the year and a half and it won’t stop until everyone has their card. Here is a list for all the places you can receive recommendations in Santa Clara county alone, and there are probably more than that.

Think of how the government regulates tobacco and alcohol. We have age limits for these two substances, but they are sold right out of the grocery store. We have liquor stores and 7-11’s who mainly sell these two things, which are far more dangerous than Marijuana. We don’t need recommendations for these, just a certain age, and I believe the same should be for Marijuana. Both of these substances when consumed too heavily or frequently can have terrible side effects. Liver failure, many types of cancer, and even smaller things such as throwing up after drinking too much. Marijuana does not have these effects on people. When consumed in great amounts, the user is likely to just fall asleep. There are about 85,000 alcohol related deaths a year, and tobacco products lead to about 1 in 5 deaths every year. Take a look at the breakdown of deaths due to drugs and other incidents such as homicide and see where Marijuana comes in.

Dead Last with 0. Let’s quit beating around the bush and legalize it already.

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1 Response to Let’s Legalize.

  1. Geek Emperor says:

    What do you think about the majority of the older generation that want to stick to their principles? I get that legalizing would be beneficial for medical patients, but do you think it would create biases in society with different age groups or races?

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